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虽然,我多年来都不同意您所采用的政治伎俩,但是还能深切的体会出失去挚爱时的切肤之痛,尤其这是一段长达60年的充满美好温馨回忆的爱情伴侣生话。此刻,当您还在悲伤之际,请容忍我轻轻的提醒阁下,所剩时间为数有限 – 为您自已以及那些在您的命令下被逮捕,拷打和无审讯囚禁的尚存政治拘留人士而言。








Rachel Zeng


An open letter to Mr Lee Kuan Yew
October 7, 2010, 12:42 am

Dear Mr Lee,

May I extend my most sincere condolence to you for the demise of your beloved wife Madam Kwa Geok Choo.

Despite disagreeing with your political tactics over the years, I can deeply empathise with how it feels to lose a loved one to mortality, especially when more than 60 years of love, companionship and good memories have transpired.
As you grieve over your unfortunate loss, do allow me to gently remind you that time is running out – for yourself and the surviving political detainees who were arrested and tortured without trial, reportedly under your instructions.

Some decades have passed by this nation. The younger generation and future generations to come might be brought up to believe in the unjust accusations slapped upon your political opponents from the Barisan Socialis, the trade unionists, and the detainees of 1987 and more. Undoubtedly there will also be a handful of them like my colleagues in activism and myself, who will question the use and abuse of the Internal Security Act on these politicians, trade unionists, journalists, lawyers, artists and social workers. What these men and women went through were considered unjust because they were never given the opportunity of a fair trial. They were reportedly tortured and forced to confess on national television, the validity of the accusations they faced, without the existence of visible evidences.

One questions the fairness of such a procedure for how can an individual be a guilty criminal without going through the process of being proven to be so? You should know better as you are legally trained.

Thus before it becomes too late for you, I implore you to give them the right to speak, the right to a fair trial and the right to clear their names for I believe that like anyone else with a sense of humanity, you would also like to leave this world with a clear heart and conscience, as well as a better name.

Time is running out Mr Lee, do give it a thought. Perhaps by your willingness to give these former detainees a peace of mind to live the rest of their lives with a proper closure to their detention as well as to post-humously clear the names of Lim Chin Siong and many others, will you be able to leave this world with a lesser amount of hate upon your name, by those who are clearly aware of what had happened before.

Help us re-write our history with the truth never known before instead of letting it remain possibly partially false with unproven accusations, especially against the political detainees of 1963 and 1987. You do owe them a fair voice.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and once again, please accept my most sincere condolence for the demise of your beloved wife.

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Zeng


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